2011-2012 Season

THE 52nd SEASON – 2011-2012




YCP TheaterWorks presented two free performances of the sold-out run of The Prisoner of Second Avenue at Ceola Manor in Jeffereson Valley. Free performances were in December 2011 at The John C. Hart Memorial Library in Shrub Oak. The Dinner Theatre performances at Sinapi’s Ceola Manor, 489 E. Main St., Jefferson Valley, NY 10535 were a big hit.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue 2011

The Prisoner of Second Avenue 2011

One of Neil Simon’s most popular comedies,The Prisoner of Second Avenue tells the story of advertising executive Mel Edison (Jonathan Nelson) who has just lost his job after many years and now has to cope with being unemployed at middle age. Mel and his steadfast wife Edna (Elise Godfrey) are pitted against an assault by modern Manhattan—heat waves, garbage strikes, noisy neighbors and rampant crime.

Will Mrs. Edison’s ascent into the marketplace balance the ledger or will Mel’s cabin fever drive him to a nervous breakdown? Will the loving care of his brother Harry (Bruce Apar), his three sisters (Connie Dyckman, Elaine Hartel and Anne Rodgers Pearl) and Edna strengthen his grip on mental stability? The themes assure the audience of relevance for these times.




YCP TheaterWorks has undertaken the staging of one of the greatest American plays ever written, Tennessee Williams’ classic drama under the direction of Richard Troiano. Performances were January and February 2012.

The quintessential American memory play focuses on the story of outsiders in St. Louis on the eve of World War II. Amanda Wingfield (Susan King), a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility strives to find a husband for her crippled daughter Laura (Heather Campbell). At the same time, her would-be writer son Tom (Matthew Douglas Rowe) struggles with a desire to abandon his role as “provider’ for the family, so that he can run off and have adventures.

The crux of the action comes when Tom invites his friend Jim (James R. Wilkinson) to dinner. Amanda at once pounces upon him as a possible husband for Laura. The dismantling of Amanda and Laura’s world of illusion remains harrowing drama of the highest order.


YCP TheaterWorks staged Moliere’s high-spirited 17th century farce Scapin at the Van Cortlandtville School Theatre in May 2012 under the direction of Marilyn Heberling.

Ms. Heberling chose to set her production of the hilarious commedia dell’arte farce in the 1920s. The crafty Scapin (Jacob Mirer), servant to the household of Geronte (Brian Taylor) promises to help in the affairs of Octave (Tom Campbell), the son of his neighbor, Madam Argante (Anne Rodgers Pearl), then to the aid of those of his own charge, Leander (Ian Berger). While their parents are away, both young men have fallen in love with unlikely and penniless beauties, Hyacinte (Jacqueline Smith), an orphan, and Zerbinette (Evelyn Voura), a gypsy. Both need money to help solve their dilemmas. Scapin knows a good ruse will always win the day and he drafts Sylvestra (Carolin Schuetze), Octave’s servant, into his schemes. Through a dizzying series of events, zany twists and turns along the way, Scapin outwits all masters and brings the action to a raucous, yet delightful, end. Rounding out the cast are Abby Jennings as Nurse Nerine and Lindsey Leiman as the servant Carla.

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