2009-2010 Season

THE 50th SEASON – 2009-2010


The Tale of the Allergist's Wife 2009

The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife 2009

YCP TheaterWorks staged the quirky comedy-drama, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, November 2009 at the Van Cortlandtville School Theater. The cast included Susan Bond, playing Marjorie, the Allergist’s wife, Elise Godfrey plays her friend Lee. Marjorie’s mother is played by Blossom Birkenbach and her husband, the Allergist, Frank Gatto. The doorman is portrayed by Christopher Syrewicz. The play was under the direction of Marshall Moseley with Demos Eitzer as Stage Manager.

The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife might sound like a part of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but that’s not quite so. An award winning hit at the Manhattan Theatre Club and on Broadway in 2000, The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife written by Charles Busch is a radical departure for the well known author of extravagant spoofs like Vampire Lesbians of Sodom and Psycho Beach Party. Marjorie Taub, the wife of a philanthropic allergist, is engulfed in a life crisis of Medea like proportions. Her children are grown, her beloved therapist died recently and her mother, obsessed with bowel movements grates on her nerves. She tries to lose herself in a world of art galleries, foreign films and avant guard theater, but finds she is barely able to rouse herself from her sofa. Her spirits suddenly soar when a fascinating and incredibly worldly friend from her childhood appears on her doorstep. Lee the savior that infuses Marjorie with life becomes Lee the unwelcome and sinister guest in short order.


The Crucible 2010

The Crucible 2010

YCP TheaterWorks staged the classic drama, The Crucible, January 2010 at the Van Cortlandtville School Theater with Marilyn Heberling directing.

In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, children were treated as adults, religion was an integral part of the government, people were vindictively seeking power and land, and they uperstitiously feared the unknown surrounding wilderness. All of these actions led to the Salem Witch trials where nineteen men and women and two dogs were convicted and hanged for witchcraft. Based on these historical people and real events, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a dramatic allegory which echoes yet today.


Social Security 2010

Social Security 2010

YCP TheaterWorks’s 50th season culminated with the laugh-out-loud intergenerational comedy Social Security by Andrew Bergman. Under direction by Joel Karpoff Performances took place at the Van Cortlandtville School Theater in April 2010.

The comedy focuses on Barbara and David Kahn, successful and sophisticated art gallery owners living in Manhattan and Barbara’s sister Trudy and her bland accountant husband Martin Heyman who live in the “burbs” of Long Island. Living with the Heymans is Sophie Greengrass, the cantankerous widowed mother of Barbara and Trudy.

When a family crisis befalls Trudy and Martin they are forced to trundle Mama off to Manhattan to palm her off on Barbara and David. Much of the ensuing action revolves around the entrance of a 98-year-old world class painter Maurice who, along with Sophie, cast a new light on the resilience of seniors.

Evelyn Voura and Kevin Vislocky portrayed Barbara and David Kahn with Susan Bond and Daniel Silverstein playing Trudy and Martin Heyman. Connie Dyckman was featured in the role of Sophie Greengrass and Bruce Pearl took the stage as Maurice Koenig.

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